Anxiety Day

I am so happy that these days do not occur often. For some reason these days seem to happen when my daughter is home. I am not talking about feeling slightly stressed, I am talking about being unable to operate my daily routine because it is simply too much. I have to take chunks of … More Anxiety Day

Happiness to me

Happiness to me is going to the beach with my daughter on a hot day. Having petrol. Having my rent paid. Going to the gym. Having food. Having all my bills paid. Having a car is definitely happiness to me. Not living in fear or having no control over what happens to us. Not having … More Happiness to me

Life is Hard

Life is hard (sometimes). When it is hard all that seems to exist is an unbearable existence, one which no one seems to understand. I exhaust myself in my efforts towards Jasmine to make sure she has it all, and am glad that this necessary has been taken care of of course. Then on these … More Life is Hard

gimp vs photoshop

I am in the middle of a project, most of this first mock up has been lovingly shaped with photoshop, but because I can’t afford to repay for photoshop this week I have had to download the horrible gimp (free though), it’s kinda slowed me down but I am confident I can work my way … More gimp vs photoshop